Health services

The Health Centre’s main task is to promote good health and prevent illness by providing free health checks, information about health, guidance and vaccines. Vaccines for children and adolescents are free, adults pay an own share

Both mental and physical health services shall be available.

The health staff can arrange a talk with regard to mental and physical health and will refer you to a doctor or the special health services if necessary. They can also provide advice and guidance on bringing up children/stipulating behavourial limits, diet, hygiene, family planning, prevention, accident prevention measures etc.


  • Nursing staff and doctors have a strict duty of confidentiality. None of the information you provide to the health services can be passed on without your permission. Others cannot demand access to information concerning your health/other information provided by you unless you agree.

If you are feeling ill you should contact your doctor for an appointment.

Sund legekontor (Doctors office at Helsehuset, Skogsvåg):

  • Phone : +47 56 32 75 40

  • Opening hours : 08:00am - 03:30pm

Dental services:

  • If you need an appointment with the dentist you can contact the dentists office at +47 57 30 38 10(Tannklinikken i Sund)


Svanhild Forland
Telefon: 56 32 76 07
Mobil: 905 67 445