Refugees and asylum seekers

Mandatory health check on arrival

Asylsum seeksers, refugees and others seeking residence in Norway shall be tested for tuberculosis within 14 days of arrival in Norway.

A Mantoux test shall be taken by all. Persons over the age of 15 shall have lung x-rays taken . These examinations are mandatory by law.

Offer of health checks

Asylum seekers and refugees, children and adults, who live permanently or temporarily in the municipality, have the right to health checks carried out by a nurse or doctor. All samples/tests will be recorded.

Dental work

The health service shall ensure that all refugees have an appointment with a dentist. The asylum centre provides this service for asylum seekers.

The following asylum seekers and refugees shall receive special attention and following up:

  • Persons from areas with a high risk of infectious diseases

  • Persons who have been subjected to torture and other serious acts/incidents

  • Single persons with no family network.

  • Single parents/providers

  • Children and adolescents who arrive in Norway unnacompanied

  • Pregnant women

  • Women who have subjected to rape or other sexual violence

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